You become overweight not because of the fat you consume, but because of the fat you absorb. You absorb fat because you eat grains and sugar.
We've heard some good ones for not being able (read: not prepared) to give up bread and pasta. One we regularly hear from overweight people with medical problems relating to their overweight is that they are European.

How does your ethnic background force you to eat foods that are causing your weight to expand? It doesn't. It doesn't matter whether you are European or of any other ethnic background: it's simply a very convenient excuse.  Don't be in denial!

It's true that humans have been eating grains for tens of thousands of years. So bread and pasta (which is made of wheat) are strongly ingrained in our culture. That pun was intended, by the way. Grains go back so far in our cultural history that they have even taken root in the way we use our language.

But think about it. You're saying you won't do what it takes to get healthy, because you are not prepared to change the way you eat?

Here's a reason that gets a little closer to the truth: You won't do what it takes to get healthy, because you know deep down you are addicted to grains and starches.

Put another way, if you don't believe you are addicted, what is stopping you from going just two weeks without them?

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