Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eating Well without the Flavour of Shame

I just came across a New York Times article describing lunch with author Peter Kaminsky, a food author who was overweight and borderline diabetic not too long ago.  He turned this around by ditching the empty calories and white, processed carb-rich foods.
He advises readers to steer clear of processed ingredients, white flour, sugar and potatoes, but has high praise for anchovies, chickpeas, capers, plain yogurt, olive oil and roasted almonds. And he happily finds room in his dream larder for bacon, butter, Italian sausage and dark chocolate. (Not tons of it, mind you. He recommends using sprinkles and dashes of bacon and sausage as a source of seasoning and crunch in, say, a lentil stew.)
That sounds an awful lot like the way we eat, to tell the truth, although it's a little vague where he stands on wholewheat flour, which I don't eat.  And while my diet doesn't include chickpeas and lentils on a regular basis, I do like them from time to time.  I just make sure to control my portion sizes, because while they are a rich source of fibre, they are also carb-rich, and not a good idea for people wanting to lose weight.

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