Saturday, June 4, 2011

Diabetes needs all the money it can get, with fundraisers like these

One of my friends was telling me this evening about a bake sale they held at work to raise money for diabetes.

The irony of this well-intentioned fundraiser wasn't at all lost on her.

Nor was the irony of previous years' fundraisers, which had variously been sales of:  hamburgers, hot dogs, and last year, pizza.  No doubt the hamburgers and hot dogs were served with the buns, and there is even less doubt that they were the ones made of refined white flour.

It reminded me of a sponsored walk taking place in a park where I went for a jog some time ago.  It was an event to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Because this is Canada, the generous corporate sponsor, Tim Hortons, had supplied timbits and coffee to the participants.

It occurred to me that there might be healthier, and certainly more imaginative, ideas for food-related fundraisers to support the Diabetes Association and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

For example, what if a giant paleo barbecue was organized alongside a sponsored bike ride, and the only food served was meat and salad?  And what if the only drink was water? Or a breakfast run followed by hearty helpings of bacon and eggs? 

What would the recipients of the money think of that?  Would they object?  Would they be embarrassed?

And I wonder what the event would do to raise the profile of low carb eating as a means to better health.   The media might make fun of the event, at least in the beginning.  But wouldn't it also be a great opportunity to dispel some of the myths and mistruths surrounding the foods we commonly eat and what they are doing to our health?

What do you think?

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