Monday, June 6, 2011


I thought this patient report was interesting.  If the words are too small to read easily,  click on the image to blow it up.

I don't usually have much to do with my husband's work, and I seldom see the reports he receives.  But when he showed me this consultation report from a rehab medicine physician the other day, I knew there was a story to tell.

The patient has hand and wrist joint osteoarthritis.  The rehab physician, who presumably sees this kind of case very frequently, sent a list of 8 recommendations.

Not one of them mentioned diet.

Specifically, he did not mention that the patient might notice a reduction in pain if she stopped eating wheat.

Wheat is known to have inflammatory properties.  Actually, it's the protein in the wheat, the gluten, which is the culprit.

While it doesn't affect everybody, I was surprised at how much better I felt after I gave it up.  I knew I didn't have celiac disease, so I wasn't really expecting to discover that I had a gluten sensitivity.  I know quite a few other people who have also noticed fewer joint aches and pains within days of eliminating wheat from their diet.

It seems like such an easy, low cost thing to try, and with none of the potential side-effects that you get with drugs.

I am really puzzled as to why a rehab physician would not be aware of the inflammatory properties of wheat.  Or does he assume his patients wouldn't be prepared to go wheat-free, and that the medical approach is simply easier?

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