Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are you doing the Becel Challenge?

You may have seen the ads for Becel margarine, which promises to lower your cholesterol.

I came across one in a magazine aimed at baby-boomers, and read the accompanying copy very carefully to find out what kind of cholesterol would be lowered.  It didn't say.

The website was more helpful. This is what I found in the FAQ section:

6) Can my cholesterol level go down too much?

No. Becel pro.activ® lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol but does not affect the level of HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Studies show that for most people there is a clear heart health benefit of lowering bad cholesterol levels...
Did you see that?

Becel does not affect the level of HDL.

Do you remember I wrote a post in April about how low HDL levels are the best predictor of coronary heart disease? 
In the Framingham study, for example, low HDL-C values were associated with increases in risk for CHD of approximately 70% in men and of more than 100% in women.
The best way to reduce your risk of coronary heart disease is not what the makers of Becel would like you to believe.  I can say this with confidence because the 6th FAQ on their own website is quite clear that Becel does not affect HDL.

It is the consumption of carbohydrates that affects HDL levels.  But that's a detail you won't find on the Becel site.

If you are eating "heart-healthy" margarine products, can you explain why this would be to your advantage?

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