Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Fructose better for you?

According to Mother Jones,
Most common sweeteners, including many fruit-juice concentrates, cane juice, maple syrup, and honey, have a fructose-to-glucose ratio around 50/50. Notable exceptions include brown rice syrup and kitchen corn syrups like Karo, which contain no fructose, and certain kinds of agave nectar—which contains up to 92 percent fructose. (Agave is the sweetener du jour for the Whole Foods crowd, thanks in part to its low glycemic index—which measures how fast your blood sugar spikes after you eat a given food.)
Since fructose measures 0 on the glycemic index, you might be fooled into thinking it's better for you than glucose.  Not so. 

Fructose goes straight to the liver for processing, where it leads to a buildup of unhealthy fat. 

The more fructose you consume, and especially when you consume large quantities in one go, the worse it is for you.

It's a waste of time debating whether high fructose corn syrup is worse for you than regular cane sugar, when in fact, both should be avoided.

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