Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Skinny Figgy" Bars

Two blogs I have on my reader and which I love to follow are They Draw and Cook, and Fatfree Vegan Kitchen, Sinlessly Delicious.  Imagine my delight when SusanV's fat free vegan recipe was featured on They Draw and Cook.  A double whammy!

This "sinlessly skinny" recipe yields 16 gluten free bars, each of which contains 26g of carbohydrates (that is, 30g less 4g of fibre).

As I read the recipe, it struck me that this is an excellent example of why low-fat diets set a dieter up for failure every time.

I know I couldn't eat just one of these bars.  I would most likely consume about four of them, possibly even more if they really were as delicious as they seem to be.

Each of these "sinlessly delicious" treats is in fact disappointingly and misleadingly sinful.  Four of them would throw me over 100g for the day, and that's before counting the milk in my tea and coffee and everything else I might be eating that contains any dietary sugars at all.

And that would throw me out of the 50-100g/day primal sweet spot for effortless weightloss as coined by Mark Sisson from Mark's Daily Apple.

I don't deny that this looks like a delicious recipe.  And it contains neither gluten nor refined sugar (if you ignore the small quantity of icing sugar drizzled overtop), which has to count for something... but still, doesn't this illustrate the inherent problem with our culture of baking?

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