Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of my dilemmas is sweeteners.

I don't add any sugar to anything I eat.  Ever.  I do think your taste adjusts over time, so this is far from disastrous, especially when you don't use flour, because that means that you don't bake nearly as much as everyone else (I do still bake a little for the children and we have sugar in the cupboard.  It just doesn't cross my lips).

But sometimes it's nice to sweeten some dishes just a little, even though it's less so than before we stopped eating grains.

So that's when I wonder what the best sweetener is.  I sometimes use a little honey, though the chemical composition of honey is very similar to sucrose, and has the same blood-sugar reaction.  I also have a jar of unsulfured molasses.  I like the taste, and  it's very rich in iron.    But it's still sugar.  So what I wrote above about not eating sugar anymore probably doesn't ring very true.

There are times I use a little Splenda, because it has no calories.  I'm not terribly keen on it.  I have looked for studies that show concerns with it, and haven't found anything convincing.  But it is a processed food, and I really believe a huge part of the success of this way of eating is in keeping to the most basic ingredients.

Stevia is another option.  I don't happen to have any in the house, which is the main reason I'm not currently using it.  I suppose when my big bag of Splenda is empty, I'll probably switch to stevia, and I'm very keen to grow some this year.

What do you use to sweeten your food?

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