Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Having recently written about eating out vs. eating in, I feel I should qualify this with something that works for us, when we do eat out.  Admittedly it's not often.

When placing your order, you can ask your server to replace the carb portion, whether it's the fries, baked potato, pasta or bread with additional vegetables.  Many restaurants are happy to do this without extra charge.  That way you won't even be tempted and the bonus is that you'll leave the restaurant feeling pleasantly full but not bloated.

If you're in Canada, the health-check menu choices at Swiss Chalet already include this as an option, though at other restaurants you usually have to ask.

Here's another tip I saw online somewhere, and it's one I have used successfully:  when you're not sure whether sugar was used in the preparation of the dish (e.g. when it has a rub or marinade), you can ask whether the dish is suitable for diabetics.  Your server might not know the answer and is likely to ask the chef, which means you'll probably get accurate information. 

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