Thursday, November 25, 2010

Soup in a Blender

One of the blogs I follow in my reader is Health in Motion.  It recommends a diet that is very similar to our Grain Ride, with an emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy proteins, and has an additional focus on exercise and weight training.

I was browsing back posts for something I thought I had read on this blog a while back, when I spotted this one recommending a super easy, super healthy soup at least once a day:

Simply take your blender and add some basic ingredients to get started:
  • beef or chicken stock
  • any vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, squash, carrots, zucchini, asparagus etc. or mixed varieties)
  • beans (any type)
  • water (to desired consistency)
  • small amount of cream or sour cream
  • spices to taste (dill, cilantro, oregano, basil, sea salt, pepper, etc.)
Now blend all ingredients together and then put them into a pot to heat under low heat for a 15 minute soup.
For more info on why this is such a good idea, please check out the original post.  I'm sure you'll find yourself browsing the rest of the blog too:  it's filled with great ideas.

Late edit:  You will no doubt have noticed the beans in the recipe.  I do eat pulses and lentils while my husband won't touch them.  I have a strong difference of opinion on this subject with him, because I believe they are very good for you;  besides, the amount of meat and fish being eaten in the world is not sustainable, so I try and balance my protein sources between animal and vegetable.  That said, you should be aware that beans are very carbohydrate rich (even after deducting the fibre content), and their glycemic index is high.  So although I eat them, I keep the quantity low.

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