Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to get started - mentally

The decision to get off the grain ride is the biggie. It will most likely take you a while to get your mind around the idea. Anybody can do it, but it takes some mental prep.

Tell yourself that this is a way of eating that will not leave you hungry.

There are different ways to do this. Some people go cold turkey and never stray from the rules. We know of others who stick to the rules for six days, and give themselves a grain treat on the seventh day. Decide which method will work best for your personality type.

Then, set yourself some goals. Start by challenging yourself to stick it out for two weeks.

You might want to document your results and the way you feel in a journal.

You need to be aware that the first five days or so will likely be the hardest, but from then onwards your body will get used to it. You won't be hungry, but you will find yourself craving something from the forbidden list. The way to overcome this is to get yourself a snack from the list of foods that are allowed. Don't worry about calories too much in the first week. Grab a handful of nuts if that helps. Drink a cup of tea. Go for a walk. After about 20 minutes, you'll feel better. Tell yourself that this will pass. It will.

After two weeks, you'll notice it's easier than you thought possible. You'll also be feeling really good. After six weeks or so, you'll notice that any arthritis aches and pains will be diminished. What a bonus!

If you've already gotten off the grain ride, let us know: is this how it worked for you?


  1. This is the best thing my husband and I have done for ourselves. When we were first introduced to this diet we both laughed and said “ we can’t live without bread or pasta” guess what we can and we do. I myself have lost 17 pounds and my husband has lost 35 pounds after about 10 weeks...... we feel fantastic! My medications have been stopped by my family doctor.....I no longer need cholesterol or diabetes medication, my husband’s medication has been cut in half at this time and we assume by the time he sees the family doctor again he will be taken off all medications as well. Give yourself two weeks on this and you will see that living without grain is a very easy thing to do! Lorie

  2. Started this "diet" at 296 lbs. Exactly 2 weeks in now and have lost 16 pounds and tons more still to come. Its all true, it works and you feel great.
    No more falling asleep at my desk mid day, no heartburn since I got off the carbs, no belching, bloating/gas, and no cravings for junk food. Its been a wonderful lifestyle change and I am looking forward to the future and a whole new body.

  3. I'm so glad to hear this, Lorie and Robert! I'm getting to the end of my fourth month, and my biggest problem is that my wardrobe needs replenishment!