Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get Off the Grain Ride

It's ironic that just about everybody who wants to lose weight wishes they could somehow suppress their appetite. Yet why is it that so many people are horrified when we tell them how?

The concept is pretty straightforward: the main concept is to eliminate grains and starchy foods. Fast food and sugar are out as well, but it's usually hard to eat them without grains (wheat products) and starches (like potatoes, beets and even sweet potatoes). 

That includes whole wheat products, by the way, because for all the fibre they provide, they still pack a hefty punch of carbohydrates.

It has a lot to do with reducing your glycaemic load.  If you're familiar with the South Beach Diet, or Suzanne Somers' books,  you'll be familiar with the concepts.  However, Get off the Grain Ride won't sell you a product.  This is something you can do at home, by yourself.

It sounds hard at first, but once you've decided to give it a try, it's not at all hard. Honestly!  There are strategies to make it very doable.  Many of us have been doing it, so we know what we are talking about. And the pounds will fall off.

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